Here are a few suggestions of steps to take when storing your Porsche during the winter months 
A lot depends on where you are storing you car, if it's under a carport, cover or in a fully temperature controlled garage the suggestions will vary. That's why we're just offering some advice, not instructions. For you to ultimately make the decision on what will work best for you and your car. 
1. Thoroughly clean your car inside and out, including wheels. You should remove them for cleaning so you can clean the inner rims and back of the wheels. This will also make cleaning the inner wings, and round the suspension and brakes easier. A wash, polish and good couple of coats of wax will help repel moisture, contamination, oxidisation. Make sure it is properly dry before storing. 
2. Use a plastic/rubber conditioner, this feeds the trim and window/door rubbers and helps prevent them from drying out, fading and becoming brittle. 
3. WD40 bare metal components and locks 
4. We can re-gas your air-conditioning to reduce the risk of corrosion inside the air conditioner 
5. We can change the oil and oil filter before you store it. On your drive home from us you should get the car up to full working temperature before parking it up. 
6. Top off fluids, check brake fluid and add to coolant using the recommended anti-freeze 
7. It’s advised, if you have the space, to have your car on axle stands to prevent flat spots on your tyres during storage, ideally with the wheels off the car. If this isn’t possible it’s recommended to check your tyre pressures and then over-inflate by 8-10 psi. Porsche suggest parking each wheel on a carpet square. You can roll the car back and forth every couple of weeks to further avoid flat spots. 
8. Fill your petrol tank with premium fuel to prevent condensation and reduce air space. 
9. Close all air vents 
10. Cover the exhaust 
11. If there’s a chance of rodent activity place repellants 
12. Place silica gel packs inside your car to reduce moisture. Cat litter or rice in a bowl will do the same job, they just make more of a mess when you kick them over. 
13. Do not use the handbrake, chock the wheels. Leave a manual in a low gear, and an auto in park. 
14. Place a drip tray or floor covering under the engine. This will not only protect your garage floor but also highlight any leaks that need attention in the spring. 
15. Use a battery maintainer to trickle charge and maintain battery activity 
16. Place a cloth between your wiper blades and front and rear screens 
17.If storing indoors lower a window by 10mm to allow the car to breath and reduce condensation 
18. Invest in a quality car cover. Only use it when you car is clean to avoid transferring abrasive dirt onto the inside of the cover. A cover used outside may rub the paintwork if it’s too tight and moves about a lot, for example in the wind. A good few coats of wax is essential. 
19. Don’t forget you can probably get an insurance discount if your car is off the road, and apply to SORN your car for a tax refund too. 
20. Use common sense, not all of these suggestions will work for you and your situation. 
If there's anything you need to ask please give us a call. 
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