The most obvious symptoms for a clutch release bearing which is worn or damaged is the noise it makes when you depress your clutch pedal. It generally increases the more you press. It will be a whining whiring, sometimes unpleasant grinding sound and you’ll eventually start to have issues engaging gears. You can even feel the vibration through the pedal. 
You can see in these images that when they start breaking down they really can make a mess of the clutch, pressure plate and flywheel. A lot of this damage can be avoided by recognising the symptoms early enough. 
We would advise as little driving as possible once its became apparent. As with all odd noises, knocks, judders or anything else your Porsche is doing out of the ordinary, give us a call and we’ll go from there. 
Our Tech Talk feature is all about giving helpful advice and guidance to running and owning your Porsche. But this is also a mechanism for owners to ask questions on any topics of interest. So, if you have technical question/s please feel free to email PIE Performance or comment below and we will include it in one of our future Tech Talks. 
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