PIE Performance is proud to be an approved GCAP Performance tuning centre. CGAP are one of the most prestigious and well respected Sports and Supercar Tuners in Europe. They have been building and remapping our PPT project cars and our customers cars for the past few years with fantastic results. We are delighted that as of September 2021 we are now offering this same service in house. We have invested in the mapping equipment and the training of our technicians and continue to have a direct link to GCAP forming our support network. 
The key to building a map suited to your car is data mapping. When we measure and record data from your car we can then apply it’s current state to GCAPs bespoke software to then create a map to suit. By data logging on a rolling road your cars performance and any modifications are taken into account giving us a real snapshot of where improvements can be made. We can log BHP, at the flywheel or the wheels, torque, fuelling in AFR or Lambda, vacuum or boost pressure, ignition timing, injector duty cycle, air flow, map sensor readings, intake air temperature and much more. 
We have the very latest equipment to map your Porsche through the OBD port and the results will speak for themselves. An increase in power and usually economy while maintaining drivability and reliability. 
Get in touch with one of our technicians to find out what we can expect to acheive with your car. 


PIE Performance is proud to bring you what we believe to be the very best performance upgrades for your Porsche. 
Our extensive research and development programme coupled with years of experience and testing on our own project cars has led us to create PIE Performance Tuning (PPT). Our PPT upgrades to engine management, ignition systems, drivetrain and handling upgrades ensure you get the full potential out of your Porsche on both the street and track. We have partnered with some of the industries premium manufacturers to design our own range of UK produced upgrades available as individual kits or as complete car packages for the ultimate performance. 
Our comprehensive range covers models right back to the pre ‘73 Porsche 911 and continues to grow as we develop more products. 
For more details please fill out the form on our contacts page, or give us a call. 
Available in kit form or as separate hardware please get in touch for both purchase and installation prices . Every car, every application is unique. By discussing your exact requirements we can make sure you end up with the perfect upgrades for your Porsche.  
ECU Upgrades - Ignition Kits, ECU, Independant Throttle Bodies, lightened pulley, trigger wheel etc. 
Suspension Kits - From adjustable coilovers to full dynamic suspension from TracTive Suspension 
Brake Upgrades - Improved from standard, Carbon Ceramic, Larger Calipers 
Exhaust - Choose from one of our range of recommended systems or go full custom in Stainless Steel. 
Kits are as we would run in our project cars but all items are available seperately to enhance your driving experience while working with your budget and requirements. 
"The new kit definitely makes the difference, especially at the top end where it seems to run cleaner. Idle is now stable and doesn't bounce around. Rumour is it'll even give better mpg. It's given my 964 a new lease of life, without any downsides. Recommended. " - B Hedley 
PPT Cars 
Testing what we sell is integral to our business. The best way to test performance parts is of course in a real world driving application. Fitted to a car. Our own bespoke PPT builds have enabled us to take the theory behind the products and back it up on the street and at the track resulting in a finely tuned performance package. The perfect balance of power and handling. 
We offer complete bespoke builds as well as performance enhancements for your own Porsche.  
Tuning and modifying cars is far from new. The technology available for one off production of parts and testing however is constantly evolving. We're proud to be part of that evolution. 
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